Benicia State Recreation Area

Benicia Park

Just right off the Freeway going to Concord from Vallejo is the Benicia State Recreation Area, Upon entering the park, visitor should pass by registration and pay $6 parking fee. Visitors can also register and pay through their self registration facility.

Self Registration SignThe park has a well paved trail, greenery from trees, picnic tables and benches, grillers, grassy hillsides, swamps, wildlife and an ideal length road for biking, walking or jogging.

Dogs are allowed, but as rules and regulations of the park, dogs should be on leash at all times. you can grill with family while enjoying the stunning view of the bay.

Drinking water fountains are available in different spots of the trail. and you can also see a botanical garden featuring different kind of plants, and each was label accordingly with its common and scientific name. Looking around the garden with the blooming flowers and the natural surrounding while listening to the sound of birds chirping on the trees are ways to relax yourself with nature.

at the end of the road there will more picnic tables, restrooms, the scenic view of the bay, and if you are lucky enough to see big ships moving it’s way out to the other side towards the Carquinez Bridge, also when facing towards Crocket side you might see trains passing by.

Left side adjacent to the bay, hike down the stairs going to the beach, get close to the water and watch for birds and ducks. this is the best area to see the Carquinez Bridge in full view. and it’s a desirable place for fishing too.

the beach offers a great scenery for good pictures especially when it’s a sunny day. It was a nice perfect place to celebrate our 1 year old daughter birthday.

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